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Methadone mile is what they call it! I have been staying in a tent for a few nights now and turning tricks for my new drug dealer. He promised a free supply of that good shit as long as I behaved like a proper bitch! Last night I got gangbanged by three white men! I was high out of my fucking mind… I had been speed balling all day long! I am a spoiled druggy whore, This new dealer has been taking real good care of my urges! I like shooting up then hitting the crack pipe and snorting a line right after. It is the most fucking intense high I have ever experienced. Especially because my pimp/dealer has some good shit! I am going to suck endless amount of cocks! He said if I make $2000 and prove my loyalty he will move me out of the methadone mile and into a nearby hotel… The holiday inn is right down the road this crack whore is upping her class!

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    • Jericho on July 15, 2022 at 3:21 am
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    What a fun party whore you are Cleo

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