Hookers for Hire

Hooker Phone SexI have a client who always requests two girls. I always suggest Becky because she is a freak and honestly, I just love the way her snatch tastes. He books a room and we meet him there. We drink a bit and smoke a little and of course he pops some little blue pills, because it is difficult to keep it hard when you have got two hot girls fucking you. He likes to watch me and Becky first and I always go down on her and lick that pussy dry, I just can’t get enough. She then puts on a strap on and climbs on top of me and fucks me with that dildo as we kiss and lick each other’s nipples. Once we are through, he likes to join, he likes his dick sucked while the other tongues his little shit hole. He likes to lay back and while one of us rides his dick the other sits on his face and he licks her pussy. We fuck for hours, taking breaks for some drinks and a few lines along the way. The entire room smells of cum. I love that smell. Sometimes when he is fucking Becky he will pull out and squirt his load in my mouth. I really enjoy that. We use dildos and vibrators, paddles and beads. We play long into the night/ early morning. Then he always orders us some room service. We eat, shower, collect our money and head out the door. Blowing him kisses until next time.

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