Home Schooling the Brats in the Art of Masturbation

trailer park whore dirty p mommyI can be so naughty sometimes. I get bored when my husband is away at work and that usually leads to trouble. My older brats were at school, but I have two still at home with me during the day. They make me so horny. One of each at that tender age. Just ripe for corruption. My baby girl is a cock tease already. She shakes her little bubble but at her daddy and her brothers. Sits on their laps and bounces her sexy little bottom on their throbbing cocks. Even plays horsey on their legs. I know what she is doing. Same thing I did at that age. Rubbing her pussy trying to get off!

I thought it was time to show my babies the art of masturbation. Give them a sexy little show. I got my older daughter’s pink little baseball bat she uses in little league. Not so little when it’s up a fuck hole. I sat on the couch and fucked my cunt, then my ass for them to watch. I instructed them to touch each other. My little girl grabbed her brother’s pee pee and yanked on it. It was cute. She just tugged at it. He put a finger up her little bald cunnie. It got me so wet seeing them masturbate like that. They didn’t know what they were doing, but that was fine. They were giving me a visual as I impaled my cunt with that pink bat.

hardcore anal sex trashy mommyI came so hard. I fed them my cream. They sucked it right off my fingers like it was candy. Well I guess it is liquid candy. Then I gave them a hands on lesson in masturbation. I showed my daughter just how to play with her brother’s dick. And I showed my son just how to rub his sister’s clitty. Then I showed them both how to eat mommy’s very wet cunt and ass. It is amazing how fast a day goes by when you home school your youngest brats in the art of masturbation. Every little one needs to know how to please adults properly. Don’t you agree?

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