April Fools You Cheating Bastard!

Shemale phone sexTonight is going to be one of the most amazing fucking good times ever.  Today is April 1st, which means it is April Fools Day.  Usually I’m the one who gets pranks played on me by back wood hillbilly idiots, but tonight will be different!  I have a twin sister and she recently found out that her boyfriend has been fucking around on her.  I can’t blame him much because Stella is a piece of work.  I’m surprised anyone would dip their dick in her, but hey, when the pussy is just thrown at you like she wields hers around, you take it!

Now as I said, her boyfriend has been fucking around on her.  She phoned me this morning to see if I could help her out.  I told her sure, what did she have in mind?  She wants me to drive into the city and be at a certain bar and pick her man up.  I told her that if that happens I will not be held accountable for what happens once we get back to my room.  She said, “GOOD! FUCK HIM ELLA, MAKE HIM BLEED!”  Well alrighty then.  There are a couple of rules though. 

If I manage to catch his eye; which shouldn’t be hard since he is dating Stella after all. HA!  The rules are as follows: 1) I cannot let him know that Stella is my sister; 2) I cannot let him know before hand that I have a nice juicy dick; 3) When I finally reveal this glory between my beautiful thighs I have to yell “APRIL FOOLS FROM STELLA YOU CHEATING BASTARD!” Then basically force myself on him and ride him until he is raw and crying. 

I told her that I would do it, not because he cheated on her but because for once, it will not be me on the receiving end of an April Fool’s joke.  PLUS, I get to fuck hard, fast and make it hurt! What a fabulous April 1st I will have!

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