Holes For My Tykes

Cum dumpsterSee these holes? They were my tykes first holes. And now these holes are my tykes holes to use anytime he wants.  Now that he is bigger and older he takes these holes anytime he wants.  Just this morning I was doing dishes and he came up behind me grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the kitchen table bent me over pulled down my panties and fucked the shit out of my cunt.  It feels so good to have that cock in my cunt.  That cock that I grew once inside me is now back inside me pounding the shit out of mommies cunt.  He dumped a huge load deep in my cunt pulled out of my ass and wiped his cock off on my ass.  And just left me there like a used piece of meat.  I love taking care of my tykes and their needs.  I love being their holes.

Flo The Hoe

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