Hit The Pipe, Hon

Crack Whore Anal
Just hit the pipe hon, no one will ever know. Your cock isn’t going to stay hard if you don’t and you and I both know how bad you want to plow me. I even brought my youngest angel along, like you requested. So you aren’t chickening out now. Let my sweet princess choke your cock down her throat. She can’t if you won’t stay hard!


Her tiny lips are pouting. I promised her she could lick your dirty cock; she loves a special Popsicle. Meanwhile my boy will lap up the runny juices of my pussy. I don’t have issues staying hard because I made sure to hit the pipe before we got situated and started. My sweet girl’s cunt is in my hand. I’m playing in her wetness, right where your cock should be.


Do you need to do a line of snow off her lithe little body, baby? We’ll line it up through the slit of her pussy, over her tender belly button and up between her flat tits. Those nipples can get sucked as you sniff your way up. There you go, just needed the smell of that innocent sweetie huh? Sniff as much as you like, and hit the pipe. We’re yours until you stop paying.

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