His dick was so big!

live phone sexI almost met my match last night, I thought I could take any cock but this guy’s dick was huge! I could barely get half of it in my mouth and you all know that I am one experienced little cocksucker so if it was hard for me you know that dick was real fucking big. I tried my best tho, relaxed my throat as much as I could and I got that beast of a dick rock hard and slippery wet so that he could fuck this pussy with it. I have to admit tho, I was a little scared that it wouldn’t fit, I’ve had big dicks before but this one was a whole other breed of cock, it was the biggest I had ever seen! I had to have it tho, I just bent over and asked him to take it slow but he just rammed that whole thing balls deep inside me and made me scream and cum all at once! I took it all like a pro can you believe it?

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