He won’t ever forget us

live phone sexMe and my friend were hanging out at a park to get some fresh air when we saw a really hot guy walking his dog. This guy was tatted up and just looked like the kind of guy that would have a huge cock so we called him over and asked him if we could suck his dick. He was kind of shocked at first, he couldn’t believe that we were really serious but eventually we convinced him to pull that dick out and let us suck it. We didn’t even care that we were in the middle of the park and anyone could see us. All we could see was that huge cock and we practically attacked it. We sucked it together, taking turns deepthroating it until he squirted all over our tits. Then we flipped up our skirts and begged him to fuck us right then and there too and you know what? He sure wasn’t too shy for that, he fucked the shit out of both of us, kit was so fucking hot!

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