He likes it dirty

toilet sex“Let it get dirty, maybe don’t even wipe at all.” His text lit up my phone and I smiled and felt the familiar warmth down there. Already turned on I replied, but he had already sent more, telling me to eat whatever it took to get me shitting and farting all day. He wanted me to work out too; he wanted me to get nasty. I loved getting dirty for him, thinking about him all day and the things he was going to do with my ass. He worships my ass, he is all out an ass man. He loves my shit, even my piss and spit. When we kiss he slowly spits in my mouth, usually fingering my ass before he goes down for a taste. He is ready to eat it, taste my day right on my tight dirty hole. He pushes his tongue into my ass, fucking my ass with his tongue even. It makes me cum every time, especially when he shoves it right in my shit hole, his nasty little whore I am.

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