Hardcore hadley In “LIL Harlem”

no taboo phone sex

This Slutty Druggy Bunny spent the last few nights in the ghetto. Lil Harlem as they call it. Cock, crack BBC and so much fucking cum. Fucking heaven if you ask me. The club has been calling and calling but I am having to much fun with all these drug slinging Negro men. Daddy would kill me if he knew I let a black cock anywhere near my body! But this whore loves to slurp and slurp a juicy veiny cock that hangs to a man’s knees. Hung Like Black man should be the phrase. My ass is numb and I am in the bathroom mirror watching cum drip down on the counter in front of the mirror. I haven’t had this much fun since I visited the KayNine Kennel club! Yes, I am a proud member of no limits Kaynine fucking! There was even a winner from the fight who got to fuck this whores pussy in lil Harlem last night.  Mutt claws digging into me while a negro dick fucked my tonsils. Fuck, They Must have given that pitty some of this good ass coke how hard he got inside me. I mean the handler who was helping the furry beast had a hard time keeping him on his leash! I guess my good ass and pussy isn’t just for Black dick anymore!

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