Happy Memorial Day!

scat phone sexIt’s Memorial Day weekend and that means all my naughty veterans and military men are out and ready for a dirty dirty phone call with the nastiest girl around! That’s me, of course. Don’t try to make me guess your little fantasy… I know what it is if you’re calling me. There’s no shame is our guilty pleasure…no shame in getting so incredibly filthy. I know you’ve been thinking about calling me all day…every time you went to the bathroom I was on your mind. As you pissed into that toilet you wished it was me who was receiving your golden shower. When you sat and shit earlier I know you were thinking of shitting all over these perfect titties…covering them with your waste. How dirty do you want to make me? What other nasty juices do you have for me? I’m certainly not afraid of getting filthy…dirty as I can even. Can I suck your cock till your cum is exploding all over me? Dripping down my face, onto my tits, mixing with all that shit and piss making the perfect naughty mixture. How do you like it when I look up at you, on my knees covered in all your juices – begging for even more? Maybe you have some friends that are into toilet play as much as you and I are? If not… I have as much as a desire to be a little cum dumpster as I do a personal toilet so I know you’ve got a few friends who would just love to see me covered in their hot sticky cum. The kind of cum that I suck right out of their cock until it explodes all over me, then moving to the next cock ready to be covered even more salty warm cum. Mmm… I love to get dirty no matter what kind of filth your into!

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