Hanging Out With Mom

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Guess who I ran into last night? My Mom.  She is such a waste of flesh.  I was talking to some nice cocked black guys outside of the bodega and this bitch starts to yell my name.  I cringed.  I tried to ignore her but she was clearly making her way over to where I was standing.  Not only was she high off her tits, but the guys that I was talking to left before I could even tell them to come to my place later.  I was pissed!

God, she looked and smelled like shit.  I might have tons of cum leaking out of my cunt on the regular but I do take showers.  Not like her, she smelled like cat piss which meant she was on some “meow”.  Fucking gross ass shit.  She put her arms around me to hug me.  I asked her what she wanted, she said she needed money to pay her electric bill.  She is homeless, what sort of electric bill does this bitch have? None, that’s what sort.

I told her I didn’t have any, which was a lie, and she knew it.  She tried to pull the, “I’m your Mother” card on me.  Bullshit. The only thing she ever did was squeeze me out of her nasty fuck hole.  I went to walk away, she grabbed me, then started to cry.  Pathetic.  I told her, “Alright, I’ll give you some money but you have to earn it.”  She didn’t like that, told me what an ungrateful Daughter I was.  Like I cared.  I asked her if she wanted money or not.  Of course she said yes.

I made some calls then took her to a motel.  She asked if that is where I lived.  I said, “Yeah.” Hell no, I don’t live in some dumb motel, and I wasn’t about to let her know where I live.  I can’t have her showing up asking for money all the damn time.  There was a knock at the door, I answered, in walked Charles.  Charles is a huge man.  He doesn’t fuck about.  I pointed to my Mom, he walked over there, smacked her across the face, got his dick out and shoved it into her mouth. She struggled so hard trying to push him away, he just kept pumping his dick in and out.  He had his cock shoved so far down her throat that I thought she was going to puke.

After he was done, he gave me a few bucks then left.  My Mom was still trying to recover when another knock came.  She was saying things like, “please no”, “Don’t make me do this.”  I didn’t care.  I swung open the door, moments later she was being fucked up the ass.  Those knocks kept coming too.  By the time two hours had passed she had had as much as she could take.  I made some more calls to make sure there were no more knocks coming.  She was crying, clutching the pillow while curled up in a fetal position.  I took ten bucks from the stack of money I had in my hand and tossed it at her.  I told her that she didn’t deserve more than that, and if she ever asked me for money again that it would be a lot worse coming her way.  

I’m not completely cold hearted, I paid up the motel room for the next week so she would have a place to stay.  I looked at her one last time, then left.  I think she learned her lesson, and now I don’t have to worry about her showing up again when I’m trying to get some dick.

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