Grateful to be a Cum Dumpster

cum dumpsterI’m thankful for being a cum dumpster. I bet you are too. I love thanksgiving because I cannot get enough of biscuits and gravy. I know you know I mean balls and cum. Last night I was feasting early. My son had a few dozen friends over for a party. No work, no school, no responsibilities. I had a responsibility last night, however. I needed to make all those boys cum. I needed to drain all the gravy from their biscuits and get myself stuffed. I did a few lines to increase my appetite, then I started the blow bang line. Each boy skull fucked me until he came in my mouth. Instead of swallowing like normal, I spit the cum into a pitcher. This will be the cream I use on my pumpkin pie tomorrow. I love having a cum filled cunt, but tomorrow is Thanksgiving. A good cum dump needs to have plenty of boy cream on hand. It is not a feast for me and my daughter without a pound of cum to guzzle. We make special eggnog drinks with jizz too. My son and his friends were happy to unload their gravy to make my Thanksgiving meal perfect.

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