Got Something For Ya Sugar

Anal sex whoreDepending upon whether or not you read my blog you will remember my one neighbor whose son I ‘flirted’ with around October of last year.  He decided to pay me a visit.  At first I didn’t answer my door.  I wasn’t expecting anyone, I hadn’t ordered anything, and I just don’t like people all that much to leave my seat to get up to see who is there.  Then  I heard him call my name.  I still didn’t know who it was by voice alone but now I was curious.  I went to the door and saw it was him but he wasn’t alone.

I opened it and he asked if he could come in, the other guy was his step-brother.  I thought his Mother had sent him down there to complain about something.  I asked them if they wanted a beer and they said yes.  I told them to have a seat.  When I got back they had their coats off.  I asked them what they wanted.  They were supposed to go into his Mother’s house to feed her cat while she was away, but the dumb bitch didn’t leave a key for them and she removed the one she had hidden outside.  This upset me because that poor animal is without food or water.  I hope it eats her when she gets back.

We chatted for a few minutes then his Step-Brother asked me what I did so I told him.  He almost spat his beer out.  He looked at me and said, “No fucking way.”  I said, “Yes way.”  I went into my bedroom and pulled out of some of my stripper clothing, then I showed them this site that I am on, then I showed them the clothing I wear when go on the street.  He then asked me how much I charge for certain things, so I told him.  He took out his wallet and asked me if we could have some fun.  I never do “dates” at my house, but since he was giving me some good money I took him into my bedroom.

I guess the sounds where getting to his step-brother because all of a sudden I had another dick to take care of.  I stopped everything and made him pay first.  They both came in my ass, not just once, but twice before they left.  Now I am here with a ass full of cum and it’s your job to clean it up.  I am waiting!

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