Glory Hole Games

Drunk phone sex

Every once in a while my friends and I will all hop in my car and just take a random road trip or whatever. My favorite part is going to the different back road truck stop dinners and getting a burger. Those places are always crawling with lot lizards running everywhere. My friends and I had gotten a bottle of vodka at the last stop, and because of that I was shit face by the time we got to the next one 2 hours later. I know it is nothing new for me to be shit faced, but what is new is needing to piss so bad and i was despite. I hopped out of the car before the breaks squealed to a haut and ran in to the bathroom. I started unzipping my pants and pulled them down as I hit the stall, I only pissed a little bit in my panties. I took those off and through them in the trash while I sat on the toilet.  I giggled to myself as I began to lean a little to the left trying to get the room to stop spinning.

That is when I noticed it, a random hole in the wall next to my corner stall. I looked into it and giggled, there was nothing in there. I was such an idiot for even looking. That was when I saw, or at least thought I saw a big ass cock pop through the hole into my face. I giggled as I extended my index finger towards it, poking it to see if it was real or I was imagining it.

Cum guzzling slut

It felt real, I think, so I poked it and began to stoke it in a circular motion. I moaned as I got turned on and reached my hand up my skirt and began to touch myself. When the glory hole rod began to dribble precum from its helmet I sucked my mouth onto it. I continued to suck onto it moving my tight mouth up and down it. I also played with my twat through my panties. I moaned at the thought that the mystery wall go-er was getting the suck of a lifetime.

 The cock stiffened and began to throw up into my mouth a rather large heavy load. I tried to take a moment to compose myself and when I turned back to the cock it was gone, replaced by the empty hole again. My friend knocked on the stall door to ask if I was okay. I stumbled to catch my balance as I reached for the stall door. As I climbed back into the car I started to think that I had really day dreamed the entire even. Then I saw him, standing there looking cocky. When I reached up my skirt I could feel my wetness. I should have made that pussy eat my cunt till I came all over his face. Oh well, there is the drive back still.

 White trash phone sex

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