Girls With A Bad Reputation

Anal Sex Whore

In public school they all knew who the sluttiest girls in class were; It was me and two other girls from my trailer park, Jane and Lisa. The whole school knew we had a bad reputation for getting into fights, fucking guys in the bathrooms for trade and giving head under the bleachers after class. We all ran as a slutty girl gang, sometimes we would walk to and from school together, stopping by the gas station to steal liquor or get a guy to buy us cigarettes. On the weekends we would all stay at Lisa’s trainer because her mom worked overnight and we could do anything we wanted. One time we invited a group of boys from school over to drink with us, they brought some pot over and we all got high. Before we knew it Jane started taking off her clothes and we followed her lead, it was obvious that all five guys would run a train on us that night. We showed off our skills by taking turns sucking their hard cocks until they were leaking, eventually they had us all bent over getting fucked doggy style around the trailer. We let them fuck our tight ass holes too, we told them they could cum wherever they wanted, we didn’t care, we all just fucked again and again until we couldn’t even walk home. It was the best bonding experience with my girlfriends ever.

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