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All of my girls and I wanted to have a fun night having our cunts filled up with dripping cum! We were all in our nightly attire with high heels, short skirts of different fabrics and leather along with see-through bras and hard nipples. We have been sharing different meant and all having our cunts stuffed with fresh baby batter when the three of us find you drinking away. One of my girls slips a little something fun into your drink and the next thing you know, we’re taking advantage of you and driving you home while my two girls suck your cock in the back seat. When we reach your house, we rip your clothes off and I see that hard cock of yours ready for my cunt! I crawl over on top of you on your bed that smells of sex and cigars. We don’t care that you have a wife out of town as I start bouncing up and down on your dick. My girlfriend sits on your face and rubs her cunt on you! Your tongue has her squirting, almost drowning you in her juices. I squirt all of my juices along with all the past cum from the night onto you! After that, we ditch and leave you fucked up on whatever we gave you! Thanks for the fun baby!

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    • Calhoun on April 15, 2022 at 7:54 pm
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    You are such a good cum whore for daddy.

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