Girl’s night

live phone sexI had a crazy girl’s night out last night. It was ladies night at several different bars near us so we went on a crazy bar crawl and got drunk as fuck. Usually when that happens we end up with tons of guys to bring home but last night we all swore that we would stick together, no boys allowed. So the night ended a little differently than it normally would have, we all fucked each other instead. It was so hot, girls everywhere licking each others pussies and fucking each other with strap on cocks and everyone was squirting all over I was literally in heaven. Apparently my neighbor was loving the show too, I looked over and saw him peeping thru the window, he didn’t see that I saw him either and he was having a field day. He was jerking that cock like crazy watching all that lesbian fun. I wonder if I should tell him I saw him, what do you think?

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