Getting my Fix of Sex and Drugs

druggy phone sex

I pulled 2 long lines into my nostrils. Good ‘ol coke, my best friend. I’ve been doing this shit since I was a teen . Got high for the first time with my stepdaddy who then fucked the shit outta me. I was feeling so good that it didn’t even hurt when he rammed his cock into my virgin ass. I was addicted after that. I’d date dealers so I didn’t have to pay for my shit. Sometimes they pimped me out to make me pay for my share. I didn’t care. I’d suck 100 cocks to stay high.

Ten years later and I’m still a druggie slut. I work at a truck stop where I can make extra money blowing truckers on the side to get my fix.  I’ll do whatever it takes to get that feeling. Fucking while I’m high is so good. It’s like my pussy has wings and it just soars!!! I get so wet that I have to cram something into it. Doing phone sex while I’m fucked up is fun too. Sometimes my throat is so sore from sucking cock and snorting shit that I can barely talk. Men seem to like my druggy voice though and we get fucked up on the phone together. I rub my pussy raw on those nights. I’m just so turned on. Care to join me for a snort and an orgasm?

“If you want to hang out, you’ve gotta take her out, cocaine. If you want to get down, get down on the ground, cocaine. She don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie…Cocaine.”  (Eric Clapton, Cocaine)

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