Getting Dicked Down

Big Dick Sucker



One of my favorite things about the holidays is how all the wives are out shopping constantly which leaves their husbands all alone. With that new found freedom they are obviously all on Backpage calling my add to order a date and partying like a teenager with hot little ol me. The most fun I’ve had lately though was this literal neighborhood association of suburban daddies who wanted a hot piece of ass to be cum dumpster main event at their yearly holiday stag party. It was about 9 of you guys who were all wanting to blow off some steam. After doing a couple of rails of what was probably the best blow I’ve ever had (side note: rich guys always have good drugs) I was ready to perform. I had set up my stripper pole and did a few lap dances but I hadn’t agreed to be used like how you guys had in mind. Next scene I was choking on cock, laid out on a pool table while you and your neighborhood buddies had your way with me. Ripping me off the pool table and on to my knees like a slut should be treated, telling me to open my mouth and catch all of your cum shots was a perfect ending. You handed me a wad of cash and told me to be ready for New Years Eve when you guys really threw down. Can’t wait, honestly!

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