Gaping Ass Hole At The Local Diner For Customer Use!

Anal cum dumpsteYour favorite anal cum dump is opened up and ready for some loads of cum from all the trailer boys like usual. I am so gaped open after the diner manager down the road pumped me full of spunk before he opened this morning. We usually fuck in his car but he was running late today so he told me to come in the diner and get on the floor and spread my holes for him. I was so down because I was thinking maybe some customers would come in and see what was happening and want to join. 

We made sure the door was cracked and windows were open so anyone could see. Within about 10 minutes we had lots of peeping toms stroking their cocks outside; when they built up the courage they came inside. They stroked off over my face as the manager railed my shit hole open as I screamed. After he blew his load he told them all to take a turn using the local trash whore; they all laughed and lined up behind one another.

There were about 10 guys and 2 girls in the diner waiting for a turn. My ass was so full of cum it was leaking and squirting out as they took turns fucking my hole open. I screamed in pleasure as they all decided to go for round 2. This time they were ready to blow seed on my whore face and body; some wanted to get up into my cunt. I lost count of how much cum I took; it was such a great way to start off my day. There truly is nothing better than being a nasty whore for anyone who wants a piece of me!

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