Funhouse Fun

Crack whore anal

A few of the bitches from the club was talking about how they made some extra money from fucking some of the guys from the carnival. Of course extra money is always good.  I was on the hunt to score some good rocks.  While there I wanted to have some fun.  I started flirting with one of the carnies and he was a clown.  Yes a real clown but not the fun  brat loving kind more creepy like IT.  He kept following me throughout the carnival until I met up with him at the funhouse.  He would flash me and I would flash him back.  We reached the mirror room and I could not tell which was him and which was the mirror.  He showed me something else this time.  It was what I was looking for too.  I nice size rock a eight ball.  He pointed to a sign that said take your clothes off.  As soon as my clothes was off he showed up right behind me.  Dick out and hard as a fucking rock.  In a devilish voice he said suck it. I was on my knees as he held what I was looking for in his hand.  He started to moan and grunt as he fucked my face.  he turned me over and pushed my head to the ground.  I started to scream in pain he was fucking me in the ass so hard he began to split me.  As I begged for him to stop the more forceful he became.  I became so weak from him fucking my ass hole raw and the pain caused me to pass out.  He woke me up by inserting a piece of that sweet crack rock in my pussy.  Once he seen me in motion We was at it heavy again.  He started pounding my pussy really hard even causing it to swell up and bleed a too.  I have never been fucked like this before.  I had cum so fucking hard.  This whole time he would never take that clown mask off and I am wondering who he is.

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