Fuck me Daddy


Cum filled cunt

My body is landing after last night we were flying alone. I am your cum guzzling slut, and I miss you already why don’t you come and lay back down and miss work? I really want an answer tell me something sexy as fuck, tell me now, tell me now. I’m so engaged by what you do how you stick your tongue deep inside of my pussy hole you make me feel like I’m going to explode. I’m so turned on by what you do when that cock gets super viciously hard it’s so thick I’m in love. I love when you fuck me like you do you get mad and monstrous I’m just overtaken by you. Your cock is so fucking dangerously huge it makes me feel like I am just a weak little girl you know what you do to me. I am just your innocent little girl, and I’m only what you want in this whole entire world. I want to call you Daddy Daddy will you make love to me I want you to teach me everything all that I should know. Daddy, I don’t care what anyone thinks I don’t want to be the girl for you. I know what no one else knows. We are special together all of my dreams and Fantasies come true. You and I father we hold nothing back from each other; we give our entire self, and that is beautiful indeed. I’m always thinking of you. I love you so much you’re like a symphony of sexual ecstasy. No one knows our secret no one can understand our bond we are united you and I father Dearest.

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