Fuck Me Before You Marry Her

Cum DumpsterIf cum dumpster was in the dictionary my picture would be right next to it. I love being covered in a warm layer of multiple men’s splooge! My favorite is being wedged in between two big hard cocks while I am being filled up from both ends! The thrusting from one end sends a raging boner deep inside of my body on the other. One night I met a group of guys at the bar celebrating their friend’s upcoming wedding. As a final going out, I let all of them fuck my slutty cunt in public! Of course, it was only right to let the groom start off with my thick juicy lips wrapped around his cock while his friend smacked his thick dick up against my dripping slit. Before I knew it, I had a cock in each hand and was surrounded by at least three more! I’m such a cum slut whore that it was easy for me to handle being rained on with precum from multiple cocks coming from every angle. I didn’t need any help making sure that every dick in my hand was spit shined to perfection with drool dripping down their balls. The pulsing members that were pumping in an out of my shithole and pussy were also drenched in my juices! I told them to cum wherever they liked but I love for my face and tits to be drizzled with jizz. They surely didn’t disappoint! I was so covered in semen it dripped all the way down my chin, tits, and tummy! 

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