fuck and blow

druggy pornI sniffed hard, getting the blow deep into my sinuses. It stung so good. I’ll never forget it. My first time being totally fucked up. I was bought by this rich old guy, worked for one of the record people, I dunno, didn’t care then, still don’t give a fuck. My eyes rolled back, Everything swam in front of me as I fell back onto the couch. My heart was racing so hard. And fuck, my pussy was on overdrive, horny and fucking wet. He used me hard, and I fucking loved it! He shoved a wine bottle in my throbbing cunt, fucking me hard with the cold glass over and over, gaping my tiny cunny into a massive, dripping hole. Again with the glass, this time in my little asshole, fucking me viciously, making my poor poop hole bleed. Oh, but that wasn’t enough for his needs. His fat, hard cock rammed into my ass, so much deeper than he could have before. He filled my ass with a fat load of his sticky, chunky cum, before slurping it out of me.

Then he brought his friends in, and the party really got started. It’s amazing how many dicks you can fit in a wet, stretched hole! I love being a nasty little fucking cum dumpster, used for everything I have. Let’s get fucked up, spun, blown, drunk… totally fucking wasted, and fuck our brains out! Once that lame prude you keep at home is done with her fucking pathetic missionary bullshit, bring your sloppy, wet, nasty dick over here, let me lick her pussy juice, and your cum, off your gorgeous cock, and I’ll clean your poopy butthole too! Cum tell me baby, what’s your desire?

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