Fuck a Drunk

drunk phone sex

So, is it forced when you’re a drunken slut in a bar asking to get fucked? I don’t know but I woke up with a raging hangover and a raw pussy. I wish I could remember last night. I was doing shots with a group of oil field hands and the last thing I remember was being thrown over someone’s shoulder and being carried outside. He took me into a filthy little travel trailer where there were at least 5 other men. They gave me more alcohol. I remember someone taking my clothes off. The men got naked too. I am such a slut when I drink. I probably offered one of them a blow job and suddenly everyone wanted one. They lined up, cocks in hand. One of them decided not to wait. He bounced my head off the floor and spread my ass cheeks. I felt pain as he violated my shit hole and came on my back. Things got out of hand. I was no longer a person, but a drunken cum dumpster, eager for their cum. I flopped down on my back, spread my pussy open wide and let them have at me. They didn’t even use protection as they used and re-used my wounded cunt. Their furry friend even got a taste.
They fulfilled their rape fantasies that night for sure because I can’t remember any names or what they did to me. I found a bottle of Jack on my front patio this morning with a note that said. “Let’s do it again.” Well, I guess I must’ve pleased someone because here I go again, heading out to get me some more abuse and some more cock. You wanna join us, baby? You can abuse me, fuck my ass, piss in my mouth, and make me beg for more. Just blame it on the whiskey when you call me a whore.

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