Flirting With Boys in Trucks

Live Phone SexIt was a perfect Saturday and I and I had the day off so I packed the brat in the car seat, put the top down and went cruising. It wasn’t long till some guy in a truck was pulling up next to us and we were doing that flirting thing, where I fly past him and he catches up and rides next to me! He pulled in front of me and slowed down, trapping me in between him and a tractor trailer. The pot coming from his truck was so strong, I almost caught a buzz just riding behind him!

He pulled off the next exit and I followed behind him as he pulled into the truck stop parking lot. He was like a damn country music video getting out of that truck! There is something about a guy in jeans and a t-shirt climbing out of a truck that just makes my shorts wet!

He asked me if there was something he could do for me and I said he could start by sharing what he was smoking. He told me that it is the good stuff and he doesn’t give it away for free.

I said that we could work something out! He told me to grab my girl and climb up in his truck! I had no idea what he had in mind but I was up for anything!

He stroked his cock and told me to undress the little brat and take off my shorts. I held her naked body pressed up against mine, our little pussies lined up and he licked us both at the same time! It was so fucking hot! He told me to hold her very still as he slid his cock inside my little one. Her tiny little kitty was getting stretched from his fuck stick slamming into her!

I held her close and she started to cry  and he screamed at me to shut her up! So i buried her face in my tits as he took turns between her puffy little cunny and my wet fuck hole!

She was so tight and I was so wet that he came fast, unloading a shit load of jizz all over her soft little ass!

He told me there was a little something extra in it for me if I licked all his cock snot off her little round cheeks! I figured we had gone this far, why the hell not! I let my tongue slop up every drop of juice of her pudgy little ass!

Then he slammed his meat right in my ass! I guess that is what he meant by “a little something extra”! But I have to admit it felt great as he was riding my shit hole and it felt even better when he filled it up with every bit of cream he had left!

My poor little tyke was wore out and half asleep when I strapped her back in. A good fuck will do that to a girl! As for me, I blew him a kiss as I drove off with my little gift bag….and his wallet!

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