Fist Me, Daddy


Fisting Phone Sex

Daddy knows just how much of a dirty fucking cheerleader whore I am. He says he is my biggest fan and he watches all of my cam videos and loves when I wear my teeny cheer uniform around the house and tease him. Today, daddy said he was in a foul mood and just needed a release. I told my daddy that I can help him chill out and cheer him up with my holes in exchange for some hardcore nose candy. Daddy likes whenever I fist punch my holes with my cheerleader fist. I get my fist lubed up real good by running my fingers all over my super wet soaking cunt and fuck holes. Daddy gets so hard watching me slide finger by finger inside my tight used asshole. Little by little, I start fisting my asshole so hard moaning for daddy while he jerked his cock off. Daddy got me on my hands and knees and fed me his throbbing cock until he came right down my throat.

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