Fill my Mouth Please

Big Dick SuckerI love sucking big fat cocks. Just the thought of having this man pull down his pants and order me on the floor to suck his fucking cock has my pussy wet for him. I love having my face fucked hard enough to make my eyes water and have me gagging. I’m always looking for a good time with Kyle he knows exactly what i like. He took me into the back and told me to get on the fucking floor like the slut I am, he pulled down his pants and grabbed my hair in his hand and shoved his cock all the way down my fucking throat. I let him fuck my face while gagging and choking on his hard cock until he wanted to fuck my already wet cunt. I let him fuck my tight pussy until he was about to cum and then I begged to have him cum in my mouth. I love the taste of cum, I crave it. He let me suck on his cock and I begged him to let me taste his cum. When he finally shot his big fucking load in my mouth I swallowed every last drop of his delicious juice. I can’t wait till he lets me have more.

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