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I am such a no good fucking druggy slut. I love being told that to as you pound my fucking wet dripping pussy. At the strip club where I started working I found myself a new dealer. He has different terms then my last dealer had. He will give me whatever I want for sex. I can get coke, molly, and pills with just using my tight holes.

I don’t mind getting high where I can’t even see then letting him plow my pussy and asshole. He even lets his friends sometimes but that means more drugs for me. I just lay there and take it because I am such a nasty fucking slut. I learned it from my mom. I grew up around my trailer trash mom that was also a fucking coke whore. I learned from the best.

I wanna be your little fucking druggy cum slut! I will be your personal toilet if you want. Shit and piss all over my face and in my mouth i fucking love it. Use me !

cum filled cunt

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