Feeling pissy

water sports sexI’m your favorite cunt on the side. You come over and let yourself in with the key I gave you. You like keeping it a surprise when you show up. I’m sitting in the tub when you pop in. That nasty snatch at home must have been nagging your ass again. You strip and climb in the tub, standing in front of me. I know what you want. I get up on my knees, the bubbles rolling down from my tits and dripping off my smooth pussy. You turn around and grab the tub. I shove my face immediately into your ass and start cleaning your nice poopy asshole like a good bottom bitch should, shoving my tongue all the way up your pulsing asshole. That gets your cock nice and hard for me. When you’re satisfied you turn around so I can clean your nice sweaty balls. You grab my hair, ripping some out and ram your dirty dick in my throat, ramming it into my dirty whore mouth, bloodying my nose till you jizz a fat load for me to swallow. I clean every bit of cream from your cock, and you surprise me and piss on my face, in my hair, all over me. You then flip me around, shove me over and fill my wet cunt with yummy cum!
I look up at you and smile through the blood, cum, and piss. It’s the first time you’ve marked me as your territory.
I love being your nasty cum rag on the side!

cum filled cunt

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