Employee Of The Week


Hot Stripper SexHot stripper sex anyone?

My boss might as well have hired one of those sign spinning guys to stand on the corner!

Last time he pulled a stunt like this, the cops were in here trying to shut us down!

It’s not bad enough he has the highest cover charge on the block, the most over priced watered down drinks and he gets thirty percent of our tips! Now he is trying to pimp us out to!

Don’t get me wrong…I am all about that base (sorry, couldn’t help myself). I mean guys throw more money and candy at you and sometimes, it’s actually good! But I can’t afford for big brother to be shutting down my place of employment for a week cus we got caught!

Then I had this idea! One of the girls at the club was working there, putting herself through nursing school. She is always looking for someone to practice on, ya know, to test her skills. I am pretty sure I remembered her learning about hernias a few weeks ago.

That is a community service we should all participate in! So I suggested to my sleaze of a boss that we could assist Nurse Nancy in her education and disguise his little fuck fest as “practice” hernia testing for a moderate donation!

He loved the idea so much, he named me employee of the week! And at a strip club….. when a girl in a slutty nurse uniform says “drop your pants”, you do it!

Men were lining up from everywhere as we opened our snatch and told them to turn their head and cough!

There was one man, we called him Dick ( no really…that was his name)! We all took turns on Dick. I started sucking his massive cock, getting him all slippery and wet for easy penetration into Nurse Nancy’s hernia detection device. I did not realize it at the time, but that huge man muscle was just starting to get hard! 

He started slamming Nancy’s little cunt so fast and hard, she barely had time to squeeze!

Nancy was pretty wasted and her cunt was filled with cum so I thought I would take a shot! Dick had the biggest fuck stick I had ever seen and it seemed like it was getting bigger with ever stroke! I tried to take it all in my mouth but he was so fucking big that I gagged and choked before it was half way down my throat!

By the time he started pounding the hell out of my cunt, he was so huge, even my wore out fuck hole felt tight!

When he dumped his load, he came so hard that he gave himself a fucking hernia!

That was the end of hernia testing and the end of my employee of the week! Too bad though, cus I would love testing out big Dick again!

Damn, he had a nice cock! You could feed a girl for a month on that thing!

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