Easter Cum Dumpster At The Trailer Park

Cum dumpsterOne of my trailer park trash paying customers called me over to his trailer yesterday evening for some Easter Sunday fun. He’s a gross mother fucker, super hick and always has a big nasty dip in his mouth. He told me he wanted to role play that he was the Easter bunny and I was going to be his little white rabbit snow bunny. He even dressed up in an Easter bunny costume, haha what a freak! I stripped down and threw my skimpy little yellow dress at him while he caught a glimpse at my dirty wet cunt! He had some Easter eggs that he wanted to stuff up into my pussy and asshole so that he could suck them out of me! I was pushing them out as hard as I could while I aimed to plop them into his wide open mouth! They were stretching me the fuck out as they popped out of my holes! He loves tasting all of my juices off of the eggs, it’s so fucking hott how he licks up every drop! I was squirting cum and he drank it down to quench his thirst! My cunt was a pretty rainbow range of colors from all of the food coloring that was on the dyed eggs. It looked so fucking cool! He wanted to cum all over my ass crack and pussy slit and when he did, it blended in with all of the egg dye. It was an ooey gooey mess! I love being a colorful cum dumpster! I was dripping in sperm and I looked sexy as hell!

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