Drunken Quickie

Drunk Girl Fucking

I had a little too much to drink this year at my office holiday party. I wound up getting so wasted that I wound up wandering back to my desk and putting my head down and falling asleep. No one knew I was back there and they left me in the building overnight. The night janitor came by, however, and engaged in some drunk girl fucking, putting his cock into my agape mouth as I slept. I woke up from my drunken slumber and willingly sucked his cock, always eager to please and suck a dick. He pulled down the top of my dress and whipped out a titty, squeezing on it while he throat fucked me, holding my head tightly. I started nodding off again and he pulled out his dick and slapped me across the face with it, waking me back up. He then cleared a spot on my desk, lifted me on top of it, pulled my dress up and ripped my panties off, spreading my legs and exposing my bald pussy. He pressed himself firmly inside me…I was so wet, he didn’t have any issues fucking me whatsoever. Still drunk and unsteady, I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, holding on tight while he pounded me. His big black cock was so big, I was creaming on it in no time, bouncing on it until my tits shook. He sucked on my nipples a bit before putting my legs on his shoulders, pressing my knees towards my head, drilling into me deeper. I held onto the wall of my cubicle while I came on his dick, creaming and dripping all over him and my desk. He kept fucking me, knowing my orgasm was incomplete and I wound up squirting all over his short uniform. He fucked me harder and deeper and wound up cumming so deep inside me, I couldn’t even push the creampie out. I know his sperm is good because he’s knocked up several women already and I’m not on birth control. I hope he didn’t impregnate me!

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