Trailer trash whoreI’ll do anything for a fix. I have to stay high. I can’t fucking handle life if I am not high. Depends on my mood. Sometimes I like snorting it or smoking it. Sometimes I like some pills to make me feel superhuman or feel nothing at all. Sometimes I go even harder into my dabbling, it just depends on what I crave. I have a very addictive personality. It used to be so easy to fuck and suck to get free or discounted drugs but not anymore. They want young, tight, and untouched holes. I happen to have access to just that! So I set up for them to come over, they can do whatever they want to my little ones. They can’t even talk and tell what is being done to them. So it’ll be our little secret. For as long as they’re here fucking, forcing, hurting, and simply getting off on my brats I am off getting higher than a kite. I don’t even feel bad, why would I? At least these little shits are worth something.

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