Drawing Straws with Aurora

anal cum dumpster

Here at the truck stop, we get all kinds and the kinkier the better. I love my human toilets and there is just something about a rainbow kiss that always makes my pussy soaking wet. One of my all time favorite things is golden showers both giving and receiving. I have so much fun standing over you and showering you with my warm sparkly pee. Trying to get it into your mouth becomes quite the fun challenge. But tonight I want to play a little game with you called drawing straws. I want you to fuck me in my tight puckered ass. You know I like it rough when you spank my ass and pull my hair while fucking me in the ass. I want to feel that big hard cock of yours ramming in and out of my asshole while your balls are slapping against my ass. I want you to drop your nice fat load of cum in my ass and then I want my nasty little whore to take a straw and stick it in my ass. I want you to use that straw to suck all of your cum and my ass juices out of my anal cum dumpster. You know you love my special chocolate milk shakes.

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