Double Trouble Cum Whores

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Flo is my fucking druggy slut neighbor. She is a hot mature white trash slut and we get into dick sucking double trouble often. They call her Flo the Crack hoe. I spent many a night getting fucked and fucked up with her. She loves eating cum. Well fuck I do too but something about being a creamy cum cover whore really turns me on. Plus I can have a nice gism just with her licking your cum all off of my body. We fucking love being gangbang whores together. It’s like the Count, one dick bahaha, two dicks bahhaha. Let’s see how many dicks Flo the crack hoe and Hardcore Hadley can take!

Light that pipe up and pass it to these big titted throat fucking whores. The bigger the dick the better, although just more and more dick that keeps our crack pipes lit is what we like! If you ask I couldn’t find a piece of ass selling druggy whore better than Flo. What are you waiting for? You know Two druggy whores are better than one. Call Crack Hoe Flo and Hardcore Hadley for late night party whore fun!

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