Don’t piss me off.

” You are my Anal cum dumpster now bitch. Take this big cock.” 

Anal cum dumpster

Sweat dripping down my face, down my tits, my stomach to this big tranny cock sliding in and out of Josh’s ass. Making this pathetic loser take every inch of my 9 inch cock! All fucking night long in the bar this loud mouthed bitch was telling dudes all over I had a dick. He kept talking about my dick, I figured he wanted. I followed him outside and slammed him against the brick wall of the bar. He turned around swinging, but his pathetic drunk ass couldn’t hit anything. He fell down with his pants around his ankles and well, I made sure he would remember me. I made sure he was going to feel these 9 inches when he sobered up. I fucked his tight asshole till I came twice inside of him. I now have a new dumpster! 

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