Desperate To Breed

Phone Sex LineI’ll tell you, raising Rugrats is hard! That’s why mine have to earn their keep. Once they come of a certain age, I start to train them. Once they hit another landmark in years, I let them start to earn. There’s nothing I like better than watching my girls following their mama’s footsteps. I started taking them on shifts with me at night once they started bleeding. Where I come from, we say once they start bleeding, they start breeding.

And if that ain’t the truth, then toss me in a pond and call me a toad. It cost them extra to try and put a baby in the belly of my girls, but it’s damn well worth it. That ain’t worked yet, but it’s only a matter of time before some potent little prick comes along and pops his cock deep inside my Mariah, my Havana, or my Lucille. Then, I get to watch ’em get big as a house, their titties filling up with all the milk you can think about. I know when I’m knocked up, I get a hell of a lot hornier than I’ve ever been before in my life.

And even after they deliver, the hormones don’t go away. That’s why I’ve got so many sets of Irish twins. God I can’t wait to watch their sweet, young cunts getting nice and Slick for anyone or anything that happens to give them a passing glance. I see you, I’m watching your eyes light up, and your cock grow hard at the thought of pounding away inside one of their sweet, bald pussies.

Why stop at one? Why not breed them all. And while you’re at it, don’t forget their mama.

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