Desperate For A Fix

druggy porn

Have you ever had an addicted whore?  The type that will do anything to get what she needs or wants.  That’s me.  I don’t mind getting down on my hands and knees in a back alley to suck your white cock dry.  You want me in the back seat of your car with my ass in the air?  That’s no problem at all.  Do you have what I need?  Do you have the package?  I’ll do anything for a fix.
I need it so bad.  You want to share me with your friends, I’ll be so high I won’t know what’s happening.  I like having cock in every hole as long as there’s a needle in my arm.  Ram your cock in my mouth and make me gag.  Fuck my hot, wet pussy.    Stretch my tight asshole.  Pillage my body.  Take what you want.  It doesn’t matter when, where or how just a long as you have what I need.  Treat me like the nasty crackhead cum whore I am.  Let’s play.

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