Druggy Phone Sex

Happy Thanksgiving bitches! That’s right; I got invited to this awesome party for this holiday season, A party full of the best drugs on the market, and the best alcohol and food that money can buy. The only rule, You must come completely naked to embrace that holiday spirit! That’s fine by me though, I feel more comfortable in the nude than I ever have while wearing clothes! I decided to bring a big ass tub of homemade mashed potatoes with that delicious green butter on top…if you catch my drift. I also brought along my own stash of Molly because baby girl likes to party and the only way to party is to be completely fucked up on drugs. When I arrived, I popped some molly in the car and then went inside only to stumble upon the biggest orgy I have ever seen in my life! Sexy, sweaty bodies were writhing on the floor and the sounds of sex were drifting towards me. I walked over towards the fun after setting my things down and immediately found a sexy little cunny to start sucking on. She had a dick up her tight little asshole too so I ate out that pussy until she was screaming! As soon as he slipped out of her I slid down on top of her and pushed that cock straight into my wet pussy! He shuddered and damn near came inside me right there! After we all had sex and fucked we were fucking starving! The dinner was so perfect, I can’t wait until next year to do it all over again!

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