Daddy Sold My Asshole!

Daddy sold my asshole for drugs. I was sleeping when daddy came in my room high as usual. He shoves a cup to my face and tells me to drink it all. I did as daddy asked and it tasted strong and gross and have me feeling loopy right away. Now I know he made me drink alcohol. He brought me into the living room, he undressed me laid me on the ground and lifted my butt up in the air and told me to stay that way and not move no matter what. He had men surround me and he rubbed something on my butthole that made it very numb. The next thing I know I felt hands holding me down and big pressure right on my asshole, one of the men was shoving his cock in my asshole. He held me down as he pounded my little tiny asshole. One after another pushed their cock in my asshole and filled it up then gave my dad money, they didn’t care if I cried or anything they just wanted to fill up a little asshole.

Drunk girl fucking

Dad put me in bed and told me he was going to buy me doll that I was such a good girl and made him lots of money.  Dad was the first to make me his Anal cum dumpster. 

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