Cum Guzzler Lauren

cum guzzling slutwhere are the daddies that are searching for a cum guzzling slut? I know most hard daddies like it when a slutty whore goes on for hours sucking on their huge daddy dicks. Just to sit and contemplate your dick getting sucked is pleasure enough to get you a raging rock-hard erection, I know the messy and dirty thoughts that are going through your head, the things you need are never satisfied by just the thoughts! How far back in my throat do you need to push that cock of yours? Simply it’s far back enough to make you cum so hard. I have gone through months idealizing my dick-sucking abilities, so when I do get a huge cock to suck?  The things I really do to my dildo on a cum guzzling slut phone sex call would make a man go off the deep end in the case I was doing it face to face. I certainly despise placing little things in my mouth, I generally need my dick to be enormous and thick, so when it goes to the rear of my throat my eye should tearing and rolling to the back of my head as I stare up at you. Subsequent to going through over an hour getting that cock to the deepest parts of my throat, my throat should feel sore, I ought to not be able to drink for a couple of days. At the point when I get down to sucking on those balls is the point at which I think it is the ideal opportunity for him to cum, when I fold my tongue over those balls and gradually begins to pull them in like am sucking on a spoon of rum and frozen yogurt draining those balls until he is totally crazy with no decision except for to clutch the back my head with two hands and cum all over my face.

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