Cum filled holes

cum filled cunt   When my cunt is filled with cum I like to hold it inside for a bit. My ex-loves to come over anytime he wants and takes my pussy. He says he owns it. He can do whatever he wants to it. I get my holes filled. Stuffed with cock and cum. I texted him saying that if he was going to keep coming in me that I was going to get off my birth control an have filthy cum sex. Getting pregnant would turn me on and Id make the best mommy. He was totally down for it. So, yes we are trying to conceive. It will make dancing on the pole more challenging, but hey a great fucking work out. I am so ready for this. I get all warm load I want now. My young body can handle anything. I just want your cum to fill me up too. Not just his. The more cum the better.

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