Cum-Filled Family Affairs


let me tell you about my crazy AF family… My daughter’s got a thing for my cum-drenched cunt, weird, right? But it’s true! She says it’s her favorite treat, licking me clean after a good creampie. And you know what’s even Wilder? She loves the taste of her brother’s jizz in there too. It’s like some double taboo shit, her eating her brother’s cum from the very pussy that bore her.

But that’s not all; my son’s got a kinky side too. He’s straight, but every now and then, he gets a kick out of a good old creampie. And you won’t believe what went down last night…

I came home with a pussy full of another man’s cum. Nothing new, but this time, the kids were waiting for me. Instead of being grossed out, they were turned on! We were all like cum whores, high on the scent of jizz. I spread my legs, and they went to town, licking and sharing my creampied pussy like it was the sweetest fucking dessert. No taboos whatsoever!

It was so fucked up, but hey, I’m proud I raised such freaky kids. My son did his thing and creampied me all over again. But this time, my daughter didn’t waste a drop. She went straight for it, like a cum-hungry little monster. Dude, it was so fucking hot! A cum-filled pussy should never be wasted, am I right? You sicko!

Our family’s a little fucked up, but we sure as hell enjoy every fucked-up second of it.

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