Cum fill me up!

Cum Filled CuntI made a nice pile of books in my favorite section to get fucked on. I had a patron railing me from behind, right up from under this short skirt I normally wear. He had ripped a whole in my stockings, pushed me up against the display I made near the shelves and the stack was a nice way for me to keep my back arched and rub my hips back and forth onto his cock to keep me going so I could come over and over, practically pouring pussy juice onto his dick while he was fucking me. I could just flip my hips up and down and we were both cumming instantly, but I wasn’t done. I wanted more and I took more. I wouldn’t let him let go of my tits and I kept him hard with this action I’ve got going on between my legs. I tightened my pussy and bounced my ass on that dick to squeeze out just one more line of jizz from that cock and it was incredible.

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