Cum dumpter : Paying off my debts

I was having people over tonight for a surprise party I’d been planning for my best friend for months- little did I know the surprise would be me sucking a big cock while everyone celebrated! I had hired a party planner who didn’t seem to be as much help as I had expected, but he was very attractive and from the look of the bulge in his pants..pretty big. He had taken me to my room to discuss payment for his services and tried charging me $500! No way. He barely even helped, I was not paying this. He told me I had another option, to suck his cock.Cum dumpster

So like the slut I am I got down on both knees and began sucking him off. He seemed to like to be in control as he pulled on my head the entire time and knew exactly where he wanted me. His precum tasted so sweet around his big cock, something I’m usually not used to. I began sucking on it and he thrusted it down my throat, making me choke on his hard cock. It tasted to good so I didn’t want him to stop, I let him continue to face fuck me then he pulled his cock out and began jacking it off. He shot his huge load of cum all over my face! I quickly cleaned it off and had to return to the party before anyone noticed I was missing.

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