Cum Dumpster Spring Break

cum dumpsterIt is no secret that I am a cum dumpster. I was born and raised on jizz. My mom would let her Johns cum in my bottle. When I got older, I would chug it from their cocks. Now, I am an adult and still hooked on cum. I love to eat cum, but I like to wear it too. Last week was spring break and Daytona Beach was full of hot college boys. Most of whom would never say no to fucking a sexy old cougar like me. I was just happy watching those muscle bound jocks play volley ball and surf. I planted my ass on the beach all week. And every day, I brought home some college boys down to fuck a trailer trash whore. Thursday was the largest group I brought home. It was half a frat house, and an entire volleyball team, LOL. They barely fit in my trailer. The house was a rocking if you know what I mean. I was in fucking heaven among all those tanned college jocks. I was touching their muscles, but I only had my sites on the muscles dangling between their legs. Honestly, I would have been happy with a circle jerk. I got a gang bang instead. I had a keg of beer in my trailer, but it did not last long with 15 guys drinking from the tap. Those drunk frat boys fucked me harder than I have been fucked in over a year. I had cocks in my pussy and cocks in my ass. A few in my mouth too. Cum oozing out of all my holes. I was living up to my reputation as a cum dump and a trashy milf. I was sad to see spring break come to an end. But it does seem life is getting back to normal for me.

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