Cum dumpster Quinn

cum dumpster

Around my neighborhood, everyone calls me cum dumpster Quinn because of how nasty and wild I am. Everyone has seen me on my knees at the block parties, letting the whole neighborhood plow my filthy mouth and blow big, sticky loads to the back of my throat. At any given time you can find me on my knees, getting fucked or fisted but always with a fat dick down my throat! I have no shame when it comes to my jizz addiction and you can thank my step daddy for that. He would sneak in and force fuck me in the middle of the night while I was asleep. His big cock ramming into my cunnie, hurt at first but pretty soon it was making me gush all over the place. I was raised to be a cum rag and that’s all I ever want to be! I’ve dreamt of having my little whore face coated in cum in a massive bukkake circle for as long as I can remember. I even dropped out of school because I couldn’t pay attention long enough to pass any tests. I couldn’t stop daydreaming about sucking dick and being bent over and pounded out by every cock in the class! My little panties would get soaked and I would always end up sliding my hand up my skirt, moaning and rubbing my little pussy right there in class. Daddy would have to come pick me up and “punish” me for getting in trouble. Word gets around in a small town and pretty soon, everyone knew what a horny, little slut I was. Nowadays, people around town don’t even look twice if they see me on the side of a building, sucking off some random guy for some quick cash. I’m as nasty as they cum and I have the worn out, gapped open fuck holes to prove it. Cum find out for yourself how freaky and nasty I’m ready to get with you baby! The more freaky and nasty you are, the more soaked my whore cunt is going to be while we chat!

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