Cum Dumpster Luna

Men love Drunk girl fucking.

Cum dumspterThey get to make them an Anal cum dumpster even if they do not want it. I learned this the hard way when I was a young party whore. I was always a big dick sucker from the moment I had to walk. My mother sold me to her dealers many times and made me a Cum guzzling slut. So, when I was drunk at a party being a Trailer trash whore, it was not a good idea. I thought I could pass out in the room in the back. When I woke up, my asshole getting fucked and ripped open. I tried to fight back but I was too drunk, and I am used to being a cum dumpster, so I just laid there let him use my asshole until he dumped his load in my asshole. When he was done, he called his friends in and they took turns making me their cum dumpster all night. By the time they were done I had nut dripping down my legs.

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